Katy Perry has revealed that it will be part of the new season of ‘American Idol’ | the TRIBUNE


The United States Of America.- The famous singer of the pop Katy Perryrecently, I was moved almost to her millions of followers on the Instagram to prove that you will do it part the the new season a successful talent programme, American Idolreturning as a judge.

There are a couple of hours with the artist Cozzy Little Christmas he shared a picture in which it appears that she, together with her four companions, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, Ryan Seacrest, Bobby Bones, and announced that it once again has become one of the judges of the program.

As we all know, Perry has a couple of seasons, and one of the members of the jury, who decides who goes in and who goes out-of-competition of music.

In the same way, it was ensured that this new release will come in a lot of surprises, and that you are eager to be able to show them to the public, which has led to a great expectation among the tens of thousands of their followers.

In just a couple of hours, in the publication, obtained the lso in 89 of 166 thousand ‘likes’, and thousands of thousands of comments, such as:

I am so so so excited”.

Ready for you to see each and every week.”

I can’t wait.

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