Katy Perry In Bikini And On Her Back


There are certain celebrities who, whatever they do, are always going to be in the spotlight. Katy Perry is one of them. And, while it is true that the American singer has become one of the most successful artists in recent times, it is also true that this success has come accompanied by a good number of haters.

Detractors who, as also happens to other great artists like Selena Gómez or Rihanna, who have to coexist almost daily with constant criticism, look for the worst images of Katy to leave her on the ground.

Katy Perry’s photo

In Perry’s case, criticism usually comes from two different routes. On the one hand, those who put aside everything that is not musical terrain and stick to criticizing their “lousy voice”. “If you take Katy Perry out of the studio scared” or “It’s pure marketing … sings fatal” are some of the comments in that regard.

However, it is the second way that hurts its defenders the most. And is that many of her haters go after Perry attacking her physique. Taking into account that on many occasions the singer has boasted of curves, photos like the one we can see below do nothing but generate more detractors of Katy.

And it is that in it you can see the American walking in a bikini on the beach. Although it is true that it is not exactly one of her best photos, it should be noted that the comments she has generated from her followers have gone further criticizing that she has peach skin, cellulite and that it has all fallen off.

“My goodness, but what is this?”, “Brutal”, “So that now its defenders can say they have a great guy”, “This woman whose Photoshop is taken from her falls apart” or “It is unfortunate that she sell Katy Perry as a woman with a great guy ”are some of the many opinions in this regard. Luckily, and well she does, the singer goes from her haters Olympic.