Katy Perry is full of beauty-for Vogue India


The famous american singer Katy Perry, is full of bliss, beauty and fashion for the January issue of 2020 magazine, Vogue India, where it has appeared on the covers and it’s going to be the source of an article about futuristic fashion and to stay current in the industry and as a pop icon.

Through its account of Instagram, official pop singer has been sharing with her fans the cover art, and some of the amazing photos that you will be a part of this issue, which will be the first journal in this decade.

The interpreter of songs such as “Roar”, “Teenage Dream,” and “I Kissed a Girl”, which appears in the photos, showing off the most fashion-forward, with bright and colourful dreams, which demonstrate the great power of fashion, due to the fact that it appears with a different visual it might be as well to each and every one of them.

To the end of the year, I shared a short video with her boyfriend, the singer of Orlando Bloom as will appear stretched out on his bed, and wearing the lens to a light with the number “2020” in which they, and their offspring in the above, according to the fact that it is acostaron before the middle of the night, and, therefore, celebrated the New Year there.

Since it began in 2020, the actress, was reborn as the Bird, the Phoenix, and came back with it all, because it is the first post that you have made this year, it was a She, by announcing that he was very grateful to be a part of the magazine for the month of January of each year.

Katy Perry currently holds the hopes of her fans to the new material record, it was last year, when it released unexpectedly, three of the songs, it’s Never Really Over”, “Small Talk” and “Harley’in Hawaii”, the themes from the album, of which there is no knowledge of any of them.

According to the Katycats, for the fans of the singer, the album was released solely for the entertainment of the audience, since the singer is still working on their new album, setting the last details in order to be able to make a big comeback this year.

It seems that the year 2020 paints for the best in pop music, as the great exponents of the genre, releasing a new album more than you expected, include artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Adele and Justin Bieber, among others, all of which were active in the industry and they are Total Large, it Was Eilish, and Rosalia de castro.