Katy Perry is unrecognizable with her new dark hair


  • Katy Perry if you change your hair, and sports a head of hair-the blonde, which left him hallucinating.
  • Katy Perry has said that the villain from Disney is just what you need to see today.

    The ‘celebrities’ who always inspires us with her hair. There is a star that is true to their hair, like Jennifer Aniston, but we’ve got to tell you that this is the wig for lisa, that so many passions are up, and guard a secret that you might not expect. On the opposite side, we can find the Images. The sisters spent the day going hair wigs color or it involves pair of scissors, as he has recently Kylie Jenner. The other is a fan of radical changes to the ‘look’ hair is a Katy Perry. The singer surprised her on Instagram with her new blonde hair but it doesn’t appear as on other occasions, in which it wore a wig of platinum. The truth is that it is quite different.

    In the past month, she has made a number of changes to its pelazo. He passed the rose over a base of clear with the look of a bob cut and blonde hair, from platinum, with the waves. As if that wasn’t enough, I was not stopped, and now it’s back to mine with a melenaza golden waves in a very Farrah Fawcett. This is the result…

    Katy Perry appears on his Instagram with a new hair color.


    What’s it going to last with this brand new pbond and blonde hair, Katy Perry? Taking into account that a passion for change, auguramos that it is not too much. If you have a good memory, previously seen with her hair in purple, pink, fuchsia, long, short, wavy, straight…The couple, with Orlando Bloom it seems to be happy with the results, it is seen as a god as it says in the posting that it already has almost two million ‘likes’.