Katy Perry Publicly Praises Orlando Bloom For His Wonderful Role As Father To Little Daisy

Her experience in parenting has given the singer confidence to return to ‘American Idol’ after giving birth.

The singer Katy Perry will complete her second month of experience in motherhood at the end of October, one that in general is being very pleasant thanks to the stability that derives from her domestic environment and, therefore, due to the balanced way With which the interpreter and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, share all the tasks related to the daily care of their first daughter in common: the adorable Daisy Dove.

However, the music star has just resumed her job as a judge for the ‘Americal Idol’ music competition, and as a result, she will have to occasionally separate from her little girl and end the continuous supervision she had been subjected to until then. In this aspect, the diva wanted to be honest in her last interview, highlighting her relative calm when leaving Daisy with her skilled and experienced father.

“It’s a bit difficult for the first couple of days, not being there with her. But the truth is, her dad is doing a great job. Dad now covers all the gaps and he does great. He knows how to give the bottle very well, as we have all seen in the photos. Everything is fine ”, the artist revealed in a conversation with ‘ Entertainment Tonight’.

While the Hollywood star, the father also of little Flynn along with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, dedicates himself body and soul to his daughter, Katy Perry will continue to fulfill a professional task of which she feels especially “lucky”, given the role that plays in the aforementioned program when it comes to training and “inspiring” the new stars of music.

“I feel very grateful and fortunate for the work that I have, to have the opportunity to continue inspiring other people to pursue their dreams. I mean, I feel very fulfilled and completed ”, she explained with pride about the very satisfactory and rewarding stage she is living.