Katy Perry sells rights to her songs for 225 million

Katy Perry he transferred the rights to his songs Litmus musicfinancially backed music rights company Carlisle Group. The deal reportedly includes songs and albums Perry released between 2008 and 2020. Deadline AND Billboard the operation has a value equal to $225 million.

The subject of sale are five albums released by Katy Perry on the Capitol Records label, the titles of which (the year of publication is indicated in brackets):

  • One of the boys (2008);
  • Teenager’s dream (2010);
  • Prism (2013);
  • Witness (2017);
  • Smile (2020).

The albums we just listed contain 16 singles, which since their release RIAA Multi-Platinum Certified. Album masters, however, will still remain the property of Universal music groupparent company Capitol Records.

Katy Perry is selling the rights to her songs

Katy Perry AND Litmus musicmusic rights management company announces closure creative partnership. The deal covers five studio albums recorded by Perry and released by Capitol Records between 2008 and 2020. Collectively, these albums contain 16 multi-platinum singles.

New agreement with Katy Perry allows Litmus Music to grow collaborative, artist-centered approach. Operating at the highest levels of the music industry, the company’s leadership has collectively developed deep connections with record labels, distributors, artist managers and the artists themselves, committed to creating value for artists and investors through thoughtful music management.

The partnership has its roots in a long-time working relationship with Dan McCarroll, co-founder and creative director of Litmus Music, and Katy Perry, which began in 2010 when he was named president of Capitol Records. McCarroll explained that Katy Perry is a creative visionary who has been a major influence in the fields of music, television, film and philanthropy. McCarroll adds: “I am honored to collaborate with her again and help Lymus manage her incredible repertoire.

Second Hank Forsythco-founder and CEO of Litmus Music, “Katie’s songs are an integral part of the world’s cultural fabric. We are very grateful to once again be working with such a trusted partner whose integrity shines through in everything he does.“.


Litmus Music was born thanks to the intuition of two sacred monsters of the US music industry, Hank Forsyth AND Dan McCarrollwho joined Carlisle Global Credit. The goal is to create healthy speculation about copyright in the streaming age. The company is based in New York and has $500 million in financial capital, which has so far been used to partially acquire the catalog Keith Urban in December 2022. Subsequently successful singer, songwriter, producer and musician Benny Blanco sold a significant portfolio of companies to the company in June this year.

On the sale of Perry, Carlisle’s CEO, Matt Settlethe press release says:

We believe this is a testament to the team’s ability to collaborate with the world’s best artists. Katy’s iconic songs have not only achieved outstanding commercial success, but have also had a significant impact on popular culture.

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