Katy Perry singing one of the songs on the most legendary of Lady Gaga’s Music


“My mama told me when I was Young. We are all born superstars“get one of the songs in the most prestigious of the Lady Gaga. Born This Way it was released in 2011 and it has become one of the most representative songs of the pop diva. Your The Little monster it has become an anthem that celebrated the diversity and the beauty of being different. Come on, it’s a story.

Now, nine years later, the theme is sounded in every corner of the world, and has been Katy Perry anyone who has sung a short part of the chorus. The californian, who will be sworn in American Idol in the new season, and I was listening to one of the participants who entoava Born This Way”.

“So,” he said, and he interrupted the young man. And what he did to you?’ He demonstrated how he had to sing this: to the hard. “I’m beautiful in my way Cause God makes no mistakes”intoned to california.

He did it in such a way that all those present on the stage, they were speechless. And it’s not in awkward! The artist has proven that you can sing in the chapel, so that’s great.

It Katy Perry you have sung this one small part of the Born This Way it is very significant to the fandom, for Her as well as her own. What is the reason? When she began her song, it’s the industry itself was facing the stars, and by comparing it all the time. Fortunately, the two divas, but they have their differences, within the sector, and have never taken ill. In fact, Lady Gaga has said some time ago that we both grew up in the music, while at the same time.

We love to see Katy Perry singing on a theme by Lady Gaga. Without a doubt, a way to forget about the past.