Katy Perry surprised us with a change of look, after a few days of your wedding


Katy Perry it has become one of the most significant artists of the middle of the show, and thanks to the constant success that it has had in the course of his career, of which he published four albums, that is, without a doubt, they have had good acceptance on the list of popularity at the international level.

But in the world of business, it is not the only area in which the Katy Perry since, therefore, you must keep in mind that she has committed, with the actor Orlando Bloom at the end of 2019 at the latest, but as yet have not been able to make a commitment in front of the altar.

Katy Perry characterized by the artist’s multi-faceted, as it has on several occasions we have seen for the singer is to look at the different styles left you with your mouth open to all of his fans, but what is really surprising is that the interpretation of “The Roar“to assume a new look, after a few days of getting married with the actor.

Katy Perry surprised us with a change of look, after a few days of your wedding.

Katy Perry surprises with a new look and his fans are very happy with it

Katy Perry she has been invited to the program by Jimmy Kimmel to talk about his involvement as a judge on the new season of the American Idol but what stands out the most on this issue is that the singer showed up with a new type of image that is pleased to all your favorite social networks.

The katycats, as it is well-known to fans of the singer were really, really anonadados, when they saw this Katy Perry hit the screen with a hair color to blonde, and you can see that it had some discoloration in the pink, they were perfect.

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Katy Perry decided to show their hair, with a ponytail, which was the first discovered the amazing combination of colours that you have used in your new look, but it is not known if this is the style that you are use to when you go to the altar to unite their lives in the Orlando Bloom.

Photos: Pinterest and Instagram @katyperry and @katyperryfas1

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