Katy Perry, the figure that surprised internet users. She gave birth a year ago, but she is in no hurry to return to her original figure

Katy Perry, the famous singer celebrated her birthday in style, with her friends and Orlando Bloom, 44 years old, on a beach in Mexico. Although she wore swimsuits, the images captured by the paparazzi were not exactly to the liking of the press, which intensely criticized the artist who is in no hurry to return to her figure before becoming a mother.

What does Katy Perry look like now, when she doesn’t fall into the hands of stylists

Although she gave birth more than a year ago, Katy Perry does not seem to be in a hurry to lose weight. We all remember that the beautiful artist was in great shape before she became pregnant, but during her pregnancy she gained several kilograms, which she seems to be losing now.

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Even if her body no longer looks like that of a model, Katy is not shy to appear in molded dresses, and at the beach she wears swimsuits that highlight her shapes. Although her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, is in great shape, with an intense body worked at the gym, it seems that the artist does not accompany him.

Since her boyfriend accepts her as she is now, Katy is in no hurry to lose weight and loves herself as she is, with the shapes she acquired after giving birth.

The photos taken by the paparazzi are very different from the ones posted by Katy on her Instagram account because the famous singer edits her photos, and they no longer reflect reality exactly, making her look weaker.

The love story between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Katy and Orlando Bloom have a daughter named Daisy Dove, born in August 2020. The actor has another 10-year-old son named Flynn, from his marriage to Miranda Kerr. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met at an event in January 2016 and since then the two have fallen in love.

However, in March 2017, it seems that the two artists reached a stalemate and acknowledged that they needed a break, deciding to separate, according to the Daily Mail.

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Five months later, in February 2018, Katy and Orlando reconciled, and on Valentine’s Day in 2019, the great actor asked the beautiful Katy to marry him, offering her a pink diamond engagement ring. In March 2020, the two announced that they would become parents, and in August Daysy Dove completed their family picture.

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