Katy Perry, there is still no trace of the author: they fear the worst

Beverly Hills Police release first official report since disappearance of Katy Perry lead writer Kamela Leiert-Segura

It vanished into thin air, leaving no trace. Not a message, but a ticket. Nothing in his latest personal notes and even social media posts, which are quite rare and extremely self-conscious.

Everything points to the worst in a story that concerns one of the main employees Katy Perryits author for a long time and the signature of some of its successes, Camela Leirt-Segura.

Katy Perry, who saw Kamela?

The woman, an artist with an American passport, but of Swedish origin, has been missing without a trace for almost two months now. According to the latest police reports, based on testimonies from the woman’s friends, it has been at least six weeks since Kamela – a successful writer who is also very active in fashion – she disappeared without a trace.

Some songs written by Kamela for Katy Perry – courtesy of ANSA (VelvetMusic.it)

It is on this aspect that the Beverly Hills Police Department has also been at odds over the past few days. Which yes is inserted Camela Leiert-Segura on the list of missing persons, sending his description to patrols, police posts and stations throughout the country … But too late. The California District Police report notes that they passed many days without news – perhaps too much – before the report of the disappearance of a woman. Assuming that everything, starting with the denunciation of relatives and friends, it was already too late.

Useless Requests

Leiert-Segura, who is also a fairly successful singer, model and actress, has written several famous songs. Above all Katy Perry single 2013 walk on air. He is 48 years old.

According to the Missing Persons page California Department of JusticeThe woman was last seen on Thursday, June 29. The friend mentions the last phone call the next day, Friday the 30th. Some friends fear that she might have been kidnapped.

No trace in his house which was searched by agents and investigators: there are no signs of forced entry or violence. Everything is exactly as the woman left it before leaving the house in her car, which, like her mobile phone, has still not been found. An analysis of his mobile phone’s GPS tracks reveals that he is losing track close to home. The fact that the woman had been evicted and was moving was also investigated, but neither her former landlord nor neighbors provided any useful clues in favor of her finding.

six weeks of silence

The Beverly Hills Police Department said it was not until August 8 that a missing person’s report was filed. So six weeks after the last news about the woman. Too long: ‚ÄúTime is of the essence, given the date of her disappearance and the date she was reported to the police. A lot of time has passed, and we are doing everything we can … “

But in fact, there are no traces of a woman, and many fear the worst. There is also no trace of her cat Morris, a 19-year-old pet with whom the woman was very close.
Friends constantly request information through social networks. Model Liz Montgomery As a friend of hers for many years, she created an email address for anyone with information, and also added to a fund to pay for private investigations.

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