Katy Perry’s at the beach, and the images in the face of criticism


Katy Perry can’t get rid of the cameras and behind, not even trying to. Something that is a dream come true for many, but a nightmare for others. Because of the fame, it’s a double-edged sword., and that brings a lot of positive, but also negative ones. The money, the prestige, the reputation, the love, the admiration, the support… you all seem to be factors for good in the us.

However, it also brings with it so many evils, as I have stated in many of the ‘celebrities’. Hatred, jealousy, harassment, persecution, self-doubt, stress, fear, and a lot of other things as well. And the american singer is one of the most high, spoke as to catch all of the expectations that it raises. Because I would also like to be at ease, any day, and knowing that there is no one-to-severe.

Something as normal as going to the beach, so it is a lot more complicated. Because, from every angle, there are cameras, writing, and waiting for it to happen to something. The last time that fatigue, you can’t say that the skirt in exactly encouraged.

It can be seen with the naked eye in the image, which you see stretch marks, cellulite, and other imperfections. I resigned to take care of yourself, as you did before, and now is dedicated to to enjoy life without thinking about. Like it more or like it less, its fans, and that is how she seems to be happier as well. It is important to praise such a natural way to drop as many reviews on demanding for the physique.

In the absence of Photoshop, which is the key

Of course, many of them also made sure that the Photoshop note, if you are not. And, they say, to this day, leads him to abuse him in quite a while…

“And this is true of many of the famous, unfortunately”, “I fell out of a legend, and I thought that it was” natural, ” or, “And you know of other artists that have not yet been seen, as well, if you read it in your comments. But, in any case, I do not have complexes, and it shows as it is. In a ease in which, you have to clap your hands in the face of so much criticism of the aesthetic empty.