Kayla Simmons as Pamela Anderson: fans’ hearts swoon

Explosive former volleyball player made more than one user jump from a chair: her video is a real amarcord

There are no more adjectives to describe it. Sexy, wild, explosive, illegal: choose one and close your eyes. Then open his Instagram profile and search for his profile. Click on it, follow it if you like – you’re still in great company, because there Kayla Simmons has over 1 million followers – and make yourself comfortable. You will witness something that is rarely seen even on the web.

Kayla Simmons as Pamela Anderson: fans’ hearts swoon
Kayla Simmons video – a blast from the past (Instagram) – Sportitalia.it

This, obviously, is about the beautiful Kayla, perhaps one of the most desirable women in the modern world. A former volleyball player during her time at Marshall University in Miami, the explosive 27-year-old American was somehow “forced” to give up her great passion because of her form. Too numerous to be able to compete on equal terms with long-legged colleagues.. And it’s too “in demand” by advertisers and talent scouts around the world to not be used as a personal promotional tool. Meaning by this thunderous entrance to the world of social networks, glamour, star system. But also in the dreams of male audiences in all corners of the globe.

Kayla Simmons’ version of Baywatch: Heart Attack Stuff

Which he shares on his very popular account. Instagram a few photos in a swimsuit, or in sportswear, or in a sports tebout, but from the sauna – as he recently did, breaking a similar rack – Kayla has become a typical American sex symbol. Her face and shape are very reminiscent of another woman who drove the Italian public crazy more than 30 years ago when she played the role of an attractive lifeguard in the successful TV series Baywatch. We are talking about Pamela Anderson in her revealing red swimsuitwhich hardly contained forms.

Super explosive Kayla Simmons
Kayla Simmons, the video sent the network (Instagram) into a tailspin – Sportitalia.it

Here, the former volleyball player wanted to somehow “imitate” her predecessor by sharing a video on YouTube in which she is dressed, apparently, in the same one-piece swimsuit as the very famous Pamela. As a result, Kayla’s forms are so bursting that they cannot be contained. Of course, if he starred in Malibu safeguards‘, An American could not be shown in such conditions. Seeing is believing.

Is it worth emphasizing the reaction of hundreds of thousands of his fans at the sight of the video?accused‘. Yes, we did not accidentally use this term. Kayla is indeed illegal.

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