Kayla Simmons as Pamela Anderson: video drives fans crazy

Kyla Simmons is getting more and more unstoppable: curves that become legendary like Pamela Anderson, what a vision

She is one of the most rising beauties on social media, without a shadow of a doubt, with an irrepressible beauty that can’t help but captivate at first sight. In recent months, his fame has reached our latitudes, immediately arranging a massacre of hearts. Kayla Simmons began the global conquest of the Internet.

Kayla Simmons as Pamela Anderson, cutout top reel
Kayla Simmons, dizzying forms: every shot is deadly (photo from Instagram) – Sportitalia.it

Kayla was a varsity volleyball player. Do you love me. She failed to achieve professionalism in the sport she loved so much, but her exaggerated charm, stately silhouette, illicit and unstoppable curves make her one of the most popular influencers. In the States, she was obviously already quite famous, and in other countries with Anglo-Saxon influences, such as Australia, she made herself known, earning some eloquent covers.

Thanks to Instagram, even the old continent noticed her, completely reciprocated. After a short spring trip that also affected Italy, Kayla was depopulated for several weeks in the summer among Mykonos AND Santorini, clearly showing off her grace with hot shots. Despite this, explains her fan boom, Simmons has surpassed million subscriberswhich continue to grow.

Kayla Simmons, lifeguard top, but all in black: the neckline does not fit

Sweet and carefree, Kayla loves to tease the imagination of fans not only with photos, but also with short videos in which she improvises ballets or portrays herself in the most mesmerizing poses. We have seen her more than once in the typical red lifeguard swimsuit. Pamela Andersona look that she obviously really likes.

Kayla Simmons as Pamela Anderson, cutout top reel
Kayla Simmons, the reflection in front of the mirror is hot: what curves, a dream (Screenshot from Instagram) – Sportitalia.it

This time the swimsuit is black, but it doesn’t change much. Her Juno-style figure stands out like never before, the video selfie in the mirror lying on the ground is very provocative. And of course, everyone’s eyes are drawn to the already proverbial neckline. A crazy detail that ignites the passion of all netizens. Summer is not over yet, and Kayla feels like it will never end. The reaction of the community is inevitable and obvious: the influencer is inundated with likes and receives messages of love at full speed.

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