Kazakhstan says 164 people were killed and 5,800 arrested in recent riots

The government of Kazakhstan assured that 164 people died and some 5,800 were detained last week during a wave of protests that degenerated into violence and forced the dispatch of troops by a military alliance led by Russia.

The Health Ministry said 103 of the 164 deaths occurred in the city of Almaty, the economic capital of the Central Asian country, where the most violent events took place, including attacks on government buildings and looting.

So far, authorities had reported only 26 protesters and 16 members of the security forces dead, as well as more than 2,000 injured.


The office of President Kasim-Jomart Tokayev said some 5,800 people were detained in the framework of the unrest, the AFP news agency reported.

In a statement, the presidential office added that security forces restored order and regained control of government and public administration buildings that had been taken over by protesters.

Kazakhstan, a country of 19 million people rich in hydrocarbons, was the scene this week of a series of unprecedented riots since its independence in 1989, which have caused dozens of deaths.

The mobilization began last Sunday in the provinces due to the increase in the price of gas, and spread to large cities, especially to Almaty, where the riots broke out. The police fired live bullets at the protesters.

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