Keane in January 2020 in a Bikini


The group Keane to a concert in Toulouse, Bikini, on Wednesday, 29. January, 2020.

Shortly after the release of his new album ” cause and Effect, Keane, the announcement of a European tour at the beginning of 2020. As from 20 January in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Keane turns to the mainland with 16 concerts in January and February 2020. The group spent to move in the summer, the audience of the festivals in the United States and in Europe, and were found to be in a flash showcases in the Usa, in France and in Germany, including concerts, leather in Paris and the Lido in Berlin.

Cause and Effect is the continuation of the continuous land (2012) and includes the tracks “Disconnected” and ” Silenced by the Night “. The birth of the new album was a surprise for the group. During your break, Tom Chaplin two solo albums, but his partner, of old date, Tim Rice-Oxley, was missing him already. “I’ve come to ask me, as I had done to make this relationship a mystery, but, nevertheless, important, derived,” says Tom.

During this time, Tim, by your own tests, aware that he had written an album of songs that are very personal and full of humor and hardly. If Tom, bassist Jesse heard Quin, and drummer Richard Hughes, the title, you were immediately drawn to them, both musically and lyric-ment. From there, the group met in the studio to do what he loves, what life in these songs and retrouveant with each other.

In short, Keane returns to the scene with a passport from toulouse on 29. January 2020 !

Keane concert in Toulouse
Wednesday 29. January 2020
The Bikini
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