Keck, Patent a Smartphone with a camera, Flip-Xiaomi’s leaked


The Logo of Xiaomi in an office building. (Xiaomi) – Not long ago, patent Xiaomi with flip cameras leaked and show a little information about plans for Xiaomi device in the future.

In terms of the design of the flip cameras are known, some smartphone vendors already have the first taste of the technology.

Some of these brands, including Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy A80 and Asus 6Z. Following In the footsteps of its predecessor, Xiaomi, a device with a camera, a flip of his family is now preparing to release.

For the sake of the plan, the Xiaomi note, a new patent from the site certification of China, received the pliers with the possibility of release Xiaomi smartphone display with a hole in it.

Start Gizchinapatent a smartphone with a camera flip Xiaomi is very flexible and is home for two cameras and two LED flash.

Illustration of a xiaomi smartphone with a curved display on all pages. (
Illustration of a xiaomi smartphone. (

Camera flip Xiaomi finally is home to the two cameras that serve the purpose of a front camera and rear camera.

From the patent drawings of Xiaomi devices also showed at the top of the screen of the device, the Position of the camera settings, switch back to the part.

When turned on, the small screen on this device the function of the notification panel or the viewfinder for the camera. If you work, as the rear camera, the device display will look more wide and long.

Illustration of a logo of Xiaomi. [Shutterstock]
Illustration of a logo of Xiaomi. [Shutterstock]

In the vicinity of the device, the volume buttons and power, which can be used to appear as a dedicated button for voice assistant AI. The charging port is located around the speaker, just at the bottom of the device.

At first glance, much of the increase in Xiaomi on the device. Improvement in this makes such devices vary with devices from manufacturers of other smartphones.

In terms of when the patent-Xiaomi-smartphone with a camera flip, this release is, in fact, still unknown. So you need to be very patient, until this patent was presented, Yes.