Keep Track Of The Spread Of Covid-19, Singapore App Release Trace Together

247 – Singapore launched the app, which received the name of the trace together last week. This app is to support the efforts of the prosecution, and the provision of Covid-19 in the country.

Quote from Channel News Asia, Thursday (26/3), this app is developed by the state technology Agency, which, together with the Ministry of health, Singapore, for eight weeks.

This app can be used by anyone who has a phone number in Singapore and you are using the smartphone with bluetooth.

Application trace together to work with each other, send a bluetooth signal between the devices within a radius of, near, in, is, two meters.

Before use, the user will enable bluetooth on your device, then turn off the push notification, including the allow this application to track the location

Once fully activated, this application you can record the movement of the user, including other devices that are in range. If it is stored then in the device of the user.

If the user type in the tracking list Covid-19, Ministry of health, Singapore, questions remain, for a history of the data, determine the following, the other devices in the vicinity.

The presence of a trace together, can help to do the government of Singapore, faster the tracking, since the current tracking-Covid-19 is based only on the memory.

Although this application is not complete, the live tracking is to replace this application can speed up the process. To provide, therefore, users refuse data, can be prosecuted.

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The Privacy Of The Users Safe

Keep in mind, this app can keep a record of the movement of the user of the local authorities to ensure the security and privacy of users.

Therefore, the government has said this app is voluntary and is not required. Therefore, users who installed this app, and already know how to work the trace together.

This app is also available as multiple layers of security and privacy. One of them your phone number, as well as a user-ID is the user only need to register.

ID temporary, which can then be used to exchange between users trace togehter. You use the ID of the temporary protection measures, tapping, and tracking of other parties.

Local authorities also ensure that no personal data such as names, will be collected, including your contact list on your device.


Reporter: Agustinus Mario Damar