Kelly Vedovelli absent: the real reasons for her departure from TPMP


Since January 4, the date of the return of TPMP on C8, Kelly Vedovelli is absent subscribers. In an Instagram post, the blonde finally explains …

For the New Year, Kelly Vedovelli has obviously decided to wipe out the past. And her fans are worried … They who have not seen him since last December on C8 have asked for her news.

Kelly Vedovelli reassures fans

On Twitter, the fanzouzes wrote to him for example: “Are you no longer in TPMP? It’s been a while since we last saw you .. your freshness is missing” or “We haven’t seen you since the start of the year … come back quickly to TPMP we are expecting you did we miss you “. Messages that warmed the heart of the former DJette of the program. On Instagram, she replied a few days ago that she was still on vacation, under the palm trees, and assured them: “Back in a few days … All is well thank you very much for your messages … too of love”.

It must be said that since the start of the school year, on January 4, Kelly Vedovelli no longer appears in the program Touche pas à mon poste, around the table of the chroniclers of Cyril Hanouna. In addition to her Instagram account, the blonde cleaned up all her posts and kept only two, where comments are blocked.

In addition to the announcement of her upcoming return, the starlet also left a message heavy with meaning … On December 20, she shared a small inspiring text for “Living in the present moment”. We can thus read: “I do what I can. With my silences and the rest. With my animal fears. With my childish pants which no longer overflow. I do what I can”.

“In this little bath of cruelty and light”

And to add: “In this little bath of cruelty and light. In shards of sugar and lies. In delicacy. In the violence of time that tramples our dreams. In our precious little floundering. One morning after the other. One forgetting after another. A word about the next one. “

What to suggest that the colleague of Benjamin Castaldi and Géraldine Maillet with the great need of leave, far from the media hustle, to recharge, before returning in better shape on our screens. Hope she succeeded …