Kelsey Grammer wants to come back as an X-Men

Kelsey Grammer actor

Will we ever see Kelsey Grammer as an X-Men mutant? Only with the Marvel Studios multiverse could it be possible.

The actor Kelsey Grammer will always be remembered for playing the Doctor Frasier Crane, but also gave life to Beast in the movies of the X Men and now he would like to return to character. But… is that possible?

According to some rumors we could get to see Patrick Stewart What Charles Xavier on Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness (2022). Which means that any other actor who played a mutant could come back.

But until this movie of Marvel studios We won’t find out what they have planned. However, the actor Kelsey Grammer he is clear that he would love to return as a Beast:

I’d love to do Beast again. No one has really told me about that. I think maybe they will try to make another one. I guess they would go with, you know, the first is the best.

Kelsey Grammer wants to return as an X-Men mutant

You have to remember that they rebooted the character and played it Nicholas Hoult.

The actor continues unstoppable with his film career.

Kelsey Grammer Despite being 66 years old (February 21, 1955), he is still very active and we will see him in Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop where some old family friends ask a university professor to investigate a series of appearances in their antique bookstore. But also in High Expectations where some young athletes will face their father.

Finally, all the fans of Kelsey Grammer They are looking forward to the return of the series Frasier, as there have been some rumors that the original cast could get back together for a final final season. Although for now, there are only some statements from the actors saying that they are very in favor.

Would you like to see Kelsey Grammer again as a mutant of the X-Men? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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