Kendal Jenner confesses that he / she will work as an assistant to Her


The Kardashians are set in stone in Hollywood, it’s something that everyone knows about. Your picture is from a ‘reality show’ of the family, has become an institution in many different areas, as an example, the cosmetics and the tv. Because of this, I’ve heard it’s one of them, say that you would be willing to work as an assistant of someone famous on it as on mars. Such was the case with Kendall Jenner, during a recent interview with the signature of Calvin Klein, who is in the picture, along with other artists such as Justin Bieber, or the user, acknowledge that there is a ‘celeb’ so that it would work organizándole schedule, and asistiéndole what I needed. Such a person is, such as could not be otherwise, for Her, the singer is most popular for the current generation.

But, why did you accept this job? According to the model, only to find out the way to the right. what does the star come in the morning, as well as to find out what are some of your favourite tv shows —something you may not know it, due to the control that the wife of Jay-Z’s support of his personal life. And shared a beverage which consisted:

“Do you think you will be a fan of the programme ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ —a kind of ‘Women’s And Men’s, and vice-versa for an american’—? Because, if it were me, I think we could be great friends”.

Even though it seemed to the artist, it is not something that is new in the family. The very Kylie Jenner, has reportedly been on a couple of occasions, their desires, what Her acudiera to one of their parties in the even went as far as to book a seat with your name on it, while the relationship between the singer and Kim Kardashian maintain been full of questions: what is happening as well? you get to know about the background. A short time ago, it was a source close to the singer, who was speaking with the “Page Six” and moved us for any questions:

“The Games will never sit well with Kim, and does not tolerate the friendship, which maintains their own husbands, and because they have friends in common, such as Jennifer Lopez, but she was a little bit cold with her.”

Oops! By the way, the model will have to work a bit more on the background to this work, as a wizard, and if you really ever want to be a part of the inner circle of the singer, something that not even his older sister did. In the meantime, if you have, and what do you want to be the next Beyonce, but it looks a bit more Defined, you can’t beat that funny viral video: