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Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend enjoy a romantic Italian evening

Of all the children of Kris jenner, Kendall jenner has been the most discreet in love matters. She was the only one who never showed a boyfriend in front of the cameras of the reality family, which is why, a few hours ago, he surprised his followers by sharing several images next to Devin Booker, her boyfriend, with whom she enjoys romantic holidays in Italy. As he did, last February, when he first posted a photo next to the player of the NBA, the eldest of the Jenners published several snapshots of a romantic evening that He enjoyed the side of his heartthrob whom he seldom boasts on Instagram.

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Following in his sister’s footsteps Kourtney kardashian who, a week ago, also enjoyed Italy with her boyfriend, Travis barkerNow, Kendall is in that country passing the final stretch of summer. On this getaway, the businesswoman is accompanied by her boyfriend, the 25-year-old NBA star with whom she enjoyed a romantic dinner for two at Amalfi where the couple took advantage of the spectacular sunset to pose with the city as a backdrop, while they are seen, more affectionate than ever, in this series of snapshots in which we see Kendall in a facet that he rarely shares with his followers on social networks.

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In the photos, Devin appears hugging the top model from the back who looks very smiling enjoying the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. For these images, Kendall used a printed top and a long brown skirt, an outfit that complemented with a very natural makeup which she combined with her flowing hair. After the publication of his girlfriend, the basketball player took up the two romantic images and also posted them in his stories, a gesture that caused a stir among his fans who always popularize the images he shares with Jenner. Before Kendall shared these photos, the paparazzi had already captured her with Devin, aboard a yacht enjoying the Italian sun.

Kendall and their discreet relationship

During the special chapter for the end of the family reality show, Kendall gave details of why, unlike her sisters, she has wanted to keep her private life away from the spotlight: “It has always been my personal preference, I think it makes my life easier and the relationship is much better that way.. I don’t want to offend my sisters, but for me, keeping my love life on the back burner has always worked for me. Since Kylie and I are little we’ve seen our older sisters publicly deal with their marriages and breakups. For me, that should be a private matter., of which no one has the right to judge ”, he explained.

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It was in this interview that Kendall first publicly admitted that the Phoenix Suns player was her partner: “Kevin is my boyfriend”he commented on that occasion. Recently, it was Devin who shared a cute image of his girlfriend wearing the gold medal that he won with the United States National Team during the Tokyo Olympics. The basketball player captured an image showing his girlfriend wearing this recognition, during a weekend in a lake in California, where we saw them enjoying a well-deserved rest, after the return of the player from the Olympic tournament.

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