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Kendall Jenner and Juanita Tinelli bet on the same color: neon green

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She wore a long knit dress, sleeveless and with a V-neckline;  in neon green

She wore a long knit dress, sleeveless and with a V-neckline; in neon green

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This time, she dazzled her large audience with a very relaxed and chic wardrobe. For his yacht expedition, he brought a long knit dress, sleeveless and with a V-neckline; in neon green. She paired it with dangling earrings in gold with stones, elegant and sophisticated. To complement your casual lookHe opted for a famous “make up no make up” during the day, very simple and sober.

His incredible styling swept the likes on Instagram, collecting more than 9 million reactions of hearts and almost 32 thousand comments on the post from his fans. The messages that were repeated the most in the comments section were: “Beautiful, divine, incredible”, “The queen living her best life”, “You are a goddess with all the letters”, “You are breaking her with that look”.

Another of the influencers and fashion icons that could not resist showing off this new fashion quirk was Argentina. Juanita Tinelli. For the campaign of the new collection of the brand of her sister Mica Tinelli, the teenager wore an incredible mini dres s with straps, open back and side slits; On cloth satin in a vibrant and eye-catching neon apple green color. He complemented it with a hairstyle that does not stop generating followers in the beauty environment: a high and tight updo, with loose strands of hair on both sides of the face. The make up was simple, but it did not go unnoticed at all: lilac shadows, false eyelashes, a touch of pink blush, and a nude lipstick.


Posed  for her sister's clothing brand.

He posed for his sister’s clothing brand.

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Neon green comes with everything and will be the rule in a few months. Do you dare to add it to your looks?

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