Kendall Jenner does damage control in Mexico after cultural quota recession

Kendall Jenner revealed that her company 818 Tequila is paving the way for new sustainability efforts

American supermodel Kendall Jenner has decided to erase her name after the setback around her new tequila brand.

Reality star revealed Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon His company 818 Tequila paves the way for new sustainability initiatives and also provides support to the local community in Mexico.

“At our distillery where I was the other day, we found a way to create this sustainable brick that would take agave fibers and waste water and really donate to the Jalisco community,” he said.

“It is important for us to save the planet and be friendly with the community. We donate them and build houses for people in need, ”he said.

He said there was also a partially completed hospital in the area.

Previously, the star was denounced for making a profit in an agricultural industry that is important to the Mexican economy. He was charged with cultural assignment after he appeared alongside real-life tequila producers in an agave field in Mexico and shared his deleted photos of himself in a cowboy costume on Instagram.


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