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Kendall Jenner Faces Accusations of Cultural Appropriation for Tequila; build houses in Mexico

All a scandal faced Kendall jenner at the beginning of the year when launched his tequila brand 818, why it was marked of cultural appropriation for taking the most representative Mexican drink. And even more, when he published the tequila commercial, which caused memes on social networks. It seems that the model wants to redeem herself and revealed that he is building houses in Mexico, in the community that makes his tequila.

Kendall jennerThe 25-year-old has a successful modeling career, however she decided to try her hand in another field and launched her own tequila brand, which is already for sale in the United States. With this product on the market, the model was accused of appropriating Mexican culture and more when he released a controversial advertising video about his new drink. After several months of silence, Kendall wants to turn the page and show that He is supporting the community that helps him create it, that is why he said he is building a house in Mexico.

Where is Kendall Jenner building the houses?

It was in the program “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in which Kendall Jenner said that both she and her brand are supporting the Jalisco community that supports them in making the drink. “In our distillery, where he was the other day, We found a way to take agave fibers and waste water and build sustainable bricks that we are actually donating back to the Jalisco community.”Said the socialite.

Photo: AP

With this material, you will find building houses in Jalisco, Mexico. “Besides saving the planet, also it is important for us to be friendly with the community. We are donating them and building houses for people who need them“, he pointed. With this it is likely that Kendall wants to face accusations of cultural appropriation for his tequila and leave behind all the bad things they said about her.

Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner

It seems that a Kendall jenner it will take a long time to finish signs of cultural appropriation for its tequila 818; building houses in Mexico It is an option of the model for redeem yourself from these accusations. The model’s brand is still in the scandal because it was also pointed out by another businessman who indicated how similar Kendall’s tequila and his are. “Note the similarities, including the color, the name, and it’s made in the same distillery in Tequila Mexico as ours,” said Tequila 512 CEO Nick Matzorkis.

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