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Kendall Jenner helps with her tequila to build houses in Jalisco

Kendall Jenner helps build houses in Jalisco
Photo: Instagram / @kendalljenner

Supermodel and businesswoman Kendall Jenner has been in the “eye of the hurricane” since she launched Tequila 818, however, she shows her appreciation to the Jalisco community where her drink is produced by helping to build houses for people who need them. .

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, in The Tonight ShowJenner said that the distillery with which she works and her company found a way to help the planet and at the same time those who need a home.

“In our distillery, where I was the other day, we found a way to take advantage of the remains and fibers of agave and water residues, and build a sustainable brick, which we are actually donating to the Jalisco community. In addition to saving the planet, it is also important for us to be friendly with the community. We are donating them and building houses for the people who need them, ”he explained.

Jenner, who launched Tequila 818 last February after four years of work to create it, said that sustainable bricks have also been useful for a hospital in the area that was “half built.”

In addition to this, the member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan revealed that part of the profits from her tequila will be donated, since she decided to associate with the sustainability project 1% for the planet: “we donate 1% of our profits to initiatives to save the planet”.

While several netizens applauded the way in which the supermodel seeks to benefit the Jalisco community by helping her in the production of her tequila, others do not forget her episode of Mexican cultural appropriation.

And it is that, at the beginning of this year, Kendall appeared in a commercial for Tequila 818 wearing braids and a hat, and strolling in an agave farm, which caused the displeasure of thousands of Mexicans, who labeled her as a profiteer.

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