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Kendall Jenner in a swimsuit and from behind promotes her drink

We know very well that, to Kendall Jenner, and, in fact, to each of the members of the clan Kardashian jenner, that of promoting their products, is given to perfection, even more so if it is about being themselves the face of the brand, and appearing in most of the images promotionalJust this was what happened on this special occasion.

The model and businesswomanIt has only been a few months since it decided to open its party drinks business, and we have seen that since its inception, both national and international sales have skyrocketed.

We do not know if due to the fact that it is a business from the eldest of the sisters Jenner, if in fact the product is very good or if it is simply because it has been able to give it the appropriate promotion, being the face and official figure of the Mark.

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For this reason, from the official Instagram of his drink we can notice some images where, the only sister of the “Klan” who does not have children is the protagonist of the promotional images and postcards, but we can clearly see a specific one, where you can see the model’s derrier while wearing a towel 818.

The pose lets us see the perfection her thinness, and her beautiful figure, showing her back with her arms raised, and very proudly she shows her now favorite number.


And it is that previously we have seen her very flirtatious and smiling, from the agaves, the raw material to produce her drink, but, for this snapshot that we mentioned, in the background we can see a paradisiacal beach, the splendid and outlined slender silhouette of Kendall.

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In addition to the details that finish making this piece, a real masterpiece, it seems to be a photograph taken at random of a sunny day, while several people enjoy the sand, the waves of the sea and surf.

It is not a secret that we mention that this will not be the first time, and of course, much less the last, in which we will see the beautiful young woman pose in this way, which she enjoys so much while renaming her excellent brand, precisely because of the night, she was the protagonist in an exclusive meeting of the high Italian lineage, and both she and her mother, Kris Jenner shared this success from their respective stories.

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