Kendall Jenner is the new global ambassador of L’Oréal Paris

27 years old, 292 million followers on Instagram, hundreds of catwalks and photo shoots are just some of the entries that enrich the curriculum. Kendall Jenner, Known around the world for her career as a supermodel, which began at just 13 and was crowned as “Top” at 22, but also as the younger sister of the Kardashians, the extended family turned their daily lives into a hugely popular television series, Kendall recently announced the start of a new chapter that sees her in The role of the new global ambassador of L’Oréal Paris,

«I remember that L’Oreal has been a part of my life and my daily routine since I was little. And that makes it a very special moment for me 🙂 I am thrilled and honored to join the L’Oréal Paris family and be with so many inspiring women. I deserve it, just like you.” Writing this way, the young entrepreneur joins a new, larger family of women who, united by the value of sisterhood, are determined to empower each other to be their own selves, both privately and at work, just as Kendall herself has been doing since her life has been overwhelmed by the spotlight.

A fresh start: Kendall Jenner is the new ambassador for L’Oréal Paris

Kendall Jenner joins L’Oréal Paris as global ambassador to lead the brand’s makeup campaigns starting in September 2023, alongside colleagues such as Cindy Bruna, Lia Kebede, Luma Grothe, as well as Jane Fonda, Elle Fanning, Viola Davis, Eva Longoria and Camila Cabello. An important milestone both for the supermodel, who has been chosen as an example to follow because she is independent and in complete control of herself, as well as for the brand, which with this new collaboration makes its project of giving more power to women, wherever they are, even more concrete.

As Delphine Viguère-Hovase, global president of L’Oréal Paris, says, Kendall “epitomizes everything Gen-Z is, she’s her own image, she takes pride in her confidence and inspires others to do the same.”

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