Kendall Jenner left out of the wear for a bold photo for the cover of a magazine


The work has been called a “Trophy Wife”, and has been carried out for the reference to the bow of the boat, but it is also a session based on some of the most iconic of the artist’s work.

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The photo is from a session for Garage Magazine, where the label’s unmistakable for the artist Mauricio Catellan, which is famous for its provocative premises.

Kendall Jenner posed in ways that’s very unusual for one of these images evoke, and which led to the earlier works of the artist, so it is much more than just a photo session, as Defined by the it is now a work of art that hangs on the wall, where there are even a few doves.

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Also, Jenner released a cover of the end, where Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Khloe Kardashian wrote of the photo, like it. The cover reunciĆ³ more than 2 million likes, meaning that your friends have liked.

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Kendall is very good at what he does, and because it is so popular that it gets all the attention for her conversion, automatically, by the numbers. There is a little of Kendall has appeared on the side of her sister Kylie as the two angelitas winning Mark, his underwear, too small, with large wings.

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In spite of holding different outfits, both of which seem to be beautiful, because each has a delicious body on one hand, Kendall is a high-and a fairly lean body type, very slender, and elegant, on the other hand, Kylie, despite being quite a bit shorter than her elder sister is also very beautiful, his body curved displays crazy anyone who sees it.

Kendall is considered to be one of the most well-paid, it could be one of the influencer most reviews on the social networks.