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Kendall Jenner receives breach of contract lawsuit

The Italian fashion brand Liu Jo has decided to sue Kendall Jenner for 1.8 million dollars (approximately 1.5 million euros) for breach of contract.

According to the contract presented last Monday in the United States District Court in New York, the model has signed to carry out two photo sessions for one of the brand’s seasonal campaigns, but has not complied with the second of the sessions. , has reported the medium People.

Jenner attended the first photoshoot, which was held in July 2019 for the 2020 spring and summer campaign, but claimed that due to the pandemic, she was unable to travel to Italy in time to participate in the fall campaign and winter 2020.

One of Jenner’s representatives has spoken with Page Six to defend the position of the young woman, 25 years old: “This lawsuit has no merit. The society’s management, on behalf of Ms Kendall Jenner, has continuously offered Liu Jo alternative dates and locations to fulfill an agreement that was forced to be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jenner has volunteered to complete the services while honoring her commitments. “

According to the lawsuit, the brand has offered to postpone the photoshoot and use the images later in another campaign, but the model did not make it easy: “He repeatedly did not give Liu Jo definitive answers to Liu Jo’s proposals, did not propose alternatives. reasonable and finally rejected all of Liu Jo’s good faith compromise offers. “

In addition, the model, after having indicated that it would be impossible for her to travel to Italy for the photoshoot proposed from the beginning, did make it possible for another designer, according to the brand in its complaint.

The company has also alleged that the member of the Kardashian clan stopped responding and only got in touch after learning that the designer considered that he had breached the contract and that it had been terminated.

The contract stated that, for running both sessions of the campaign, Kendall Jenner would receive $ 1.5 million (approximately € 1.27 million) along with a 20% service fee.

The lawsuit states that the model received a significant part of the total, in addition to travel expenses, among others, so that the Italian company has spent 1.35 million dollars (about 1.14 million euros), which he has not been able to get reimbursed.

Liu Jo indicated in the lawsuit that he expects to receive at least $ 1.8 million (€ 1.5 million) apart from attorneys’ fees, litigation costs and any additional damages.

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