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Kendall Jenner says her brand of tequila gives back to communities

  • Kendall Jenner appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” promoting her tequila.
  • He told the presenter that he is “saving the planet” and giving back to Jalisco with his brand.
  • Jenner has already received criticism for her 818 tequila brand.

Kendall Jenner told “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon that his tequila brand, 818, is sustainable and gives back to the Jalisco community.

After announcing her brand in February 2021, Jenner received both praise and reactions from social media users. Critics accused her of cultural appropriation because the model is not Mexican and tequila is an inherently Mexican product. Some also accused her of exploiting the jimadores and profiting from her work.

But Jenner told Fallon that it’s “important” for her brand to “be friendly to the community.”

“In our distillery, where I was the other day, we found a way to take advantage of agave waste – agave fibers and water waste – and build a sustainable brick that we are actually donating to the Jalisco community”, said.

“We are donating them and building houses for people who need homes,” added Jenner. He mentioned that the bricks are also being used to help finish a “half-built hospital” in the area.

Jenner said she has made her brand more “planet-friendly” than other tequila brands she has seen, by partnering with the sustainability initiative, 1% Para el Planeta. “We donate 1% of our profits to initiatives to save the planet,” he said.

Sustainability and helping the community are two of the pillars on which Jenner told Fallon that her brand is built. He said that before 818, in his efforts to “find new tequilas” that his friends did not know about, he was unable to find one for his generation.

“Something that was accessible, aesthetically pleasing, socially conscious, and gender neutral,” she said.

Jenner also mentioned that one of the driving forces behind her brand was that tequila is a male-dominated industry. Mexican tequila maker Melly Barajas previously spoke with Insider about her own experience as one of the few women in the industry and the role Jenner’s gender may have played in the reaction she received.

“It happened to me in tequila,” Barajas said. “I had to work and do things 100 times better than any man to get the respect of the tequila players.”

Representatives for 818 and Kendall Jenner did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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