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Kendall Jenner tequila commercial sparks controversy and heavy criticism

“These new foreign brands of tequila are causing deforestation in the forests of Mexico due to the great demand of the agave market, the trees of various forests are being cut down and even burned with the excuse of preventing a forest fire” and “Kendall Jenner , the spitting image of the modern colonizer. This is called cultural appropriation and I hope nobody buys your tequila ”, were other comments that can be read on Twitter.

The brand consists of three different tequilas: white, añejo and reposado, which, we were able to witness in his latest videos where Jenner is seen consuming his products in the company of his sisters Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, in addition to his friend Hailey Bieber.

Despite the comments he has received on social networks, the director of the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), Ramón González Figueroa assured that Jenner was not appropriating the culture. “Your brand was linked to the tequila industry in Mexico and respects the ‘Tequila’ designation of origin. We consider that cultural appropriation is when you imitate a product from a region and you do not link correctly with the industry that produces it, that is, you do not have authorization to do so, ”González told EFE in March.

Jenner has not been the only artist to have her own line of tequila, to sample, other celebrities such as George Clooney, Rande Gerber, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, LeBron James, Kevin Hart and Kate del Castillo who heads the production of Honor tequila .

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