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Kendall Jenner wore a pleated mini skirt with a crop top in yellow

The sunny and bright days of summer feel palpable in the account of Instagram of Kendall Jenner, who in recent publications has made a transition in her styles based on baggy pants with white shirt or black monochromatic leather ensembles, to the favorite garments of this season: bikinis, crop tops and Miniskirts.

Kendall Jenner’s style has been based in recent days on these pieces that are a summer obsession, marked by a retro style that alludes mainly to the nineties. The latest set he shared with his more than 175 million followers on the social network is a clear example of this, a style that includes a miniskirt which reminds us of the ones I used to use Lady Di when I played tennis.

Kendall Jenner with miniskirt and crop top

No summer would be complete without a wide repertoire of Skirts to be able to choose between the different silhouettes, the looks more comfortable, sophisticated or informal in trend, depending on the occasion for which we are in. the American model it keeps it simple with a monochromatic combination in a pale yellow, one of the colors on trend for 2021.

The whole in question is based on a pleated miniskirt of high throw that is confined to his waist in a marked way with an elastic, accompanied by one of the crop tops that are in possession of short sleeves with neck of Alo. Her mane is combed relaxed loosely from a line in the middle.

This isn’t the first Look of the sportswear brand that shares the celebrity wearing this garment, although it has always enjoyed a special place in our wardrobe, in its mini and pleated format it has been reaffirmed in recent months as one of the absolute favorites for being delicate, feminine and very versatile, with the possibility of wearing it in different lengths. It is one of those basics that continues to cross the barriers of time.

Lacoste includes mini skirts in its spring-summer 2021 collection.

© Lacoste/Gorunway.

In a very relaxed way and in emerald green colors, Lacoste includes this garment in its spring-summer 2021 collection for the most casual outfits, which sport voluminous hoodies, white sweaters, visible socks and sneakers in tone.

However, its romantic silhouette also allows you to wear it with a printed shirt and sandals, as proposed by it. Says Kayek in bright shades in pink, green and white. Kendall Jenner he has also worn it instead with a top suspenders Spaghetti, so the possibilities are as wide as we allow the imagination.

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