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Kendall Jenner wore an oversize blazer with black summer sandals

Kendall Jenner he knows how to make waves not only on the catwalk, he also achieves it with his everyday style that usually feels relaxed and fresh. With the ability to make a garment feel novel again, the personality chose a blazer oversize as the centerpiece of a slightly more formal ensemble than we usually see in the street style.

Without a doubt, Kendall Jenner’s career as a model has allowed her to implement catwalk trends firsthand during her casual outings, such as on this occasion she was seen in West Hollywood before lunch. To adapt to the climate of the moment, the model combined the basic wardrobe garment of elegant women with a pair of black sandals.

How does Kendall Jenner combine a blazer?

As exemplified Kendall Jenner, the sandals that combine with your dresses are the favorite footwear of the season for being the freshest and most comfortable during the hottest days and, according to its most recent style, are not limited to casual garments, being able to provide a relaxed balance to a more formal set, as it happens with a baggy bag.

the supermodel the 25-year-old wore the garment in question with plater print with a pair of black straight-fall, low-throw jeans, a white round-necked printed shirt, a pair of black Birkenstock leather sandals and a black woven bag by Bottega Veneta. The final touches were given with rectangular sunglasses and a bun with which he decorated his relaxed collection.

Just as we see it in celebrity stylings, the Sandals they are the flagship footwear of the summer, being great protagonists in the spring-summer 2021 collections. Even though Kendall Jenner it adheres to a classic design in strips of black leather, which is very comfortable to walk and is also timeless, the shapes to which the great fashion houses go are debated between absolute simplicity and a distinctive detail.

Black sandals embroidered on alberta ferretti’s catwalk.

© Alberta Ferretti/Gorunway.

Alberta Ferretti resorts to embroidery and flat handcrafted pieces impregnated in aesthetics Boho, as is also the case of Dior and Chufy to accompany midi dresses, shorts and flowing skirts. Brandon Maxwell adds details in chain strips to classic black stiletto sandals, while Etro puts the emphasis on ribbon sandals in its more romantic version. In most cases, the colors of the footwear focus on the basics: white, black, gray and beige.

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