Kendall Jenner’s summer cocktail

Sun, sea, wind in your hair and margaritas to enjoy delicious fresh fruit cocktails at sunset. August is all about that too: little pleasures distilled between tequila and lemon juice. Exceptional house parties where you are required to demonstrate outstanding bartending skills and deliver unforgettable cocktails. But what is the best drink recipe to prepare for guests? Fashion comes to the rescue, and specifically model Kendall Jenner, who, between one fashion show, found time to get carried away and launch her tequila brand 818. The result? The international discovery of tequila and its flavors, turning it into an alcoholic drink. It’s a girl par excellence – 818 bottles fly with the model from Los Angeles to Paris, with stops in Milan and London. So, in the summer of 2023, when planning a night out with friends, the drink of choice will be a frozen watermelon margarita. The recipe is approved by the entire Kardashian clan, Push reveals the secret ingredient for making delicious summer cocktails: watermelon, which beats the more classic Margarita – a cocktail known for its unusual combination of acidity and saltiness – with new flavor and freshness. So here’s how to make a margarita like Kendall Jenner does.


For four cocktails

118 ml tequila

30 ml orange liqueur (Triple Sec or Cointreau)

5 cups chopped watermelon

60 ml agave syrup

60 ml lime juice

Ice to taste


To make the perfect summer cocktail for your guests, place all ingredients in a blender. Then beat on high speed until the mixture is smooth and paste-like. At this time, you can add ice if desired. Serve in a salted glass, garnished with a lime wedge and lime zest.

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