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Kenya Takes The “Miaw Icon” Award from MTV’s 2021 Miaw Awards


(CNN en Español) — The eighth edition of the MTV Miaw Awards was held, hosted by Kali Uchis and Kenya OS and live from Mexico City.

The ceremony began with Kali Uchis who performed an ostentatious, dazzling and explosive version of her latest hit “Telepathy”, to follow with a great cry of emotion from Kenya Os.

“Hi Miaw! How cool to see us at an event like the Miaw,” said the Mexican singer.

The first pink cat (the statuette of the Miaw), was in the category “Bug of the year”. Those in charge of delivering it were Tini and Lunay, and the winner was the tiktokera Jimena Jimenez.

The MTV MIAW 2021 awards were presented by Kali Uchis and Kenia Os in one of the most anticipated ceremonies in Latin America from Mexico City (Photo MTV Latin America)

The MIAW, a great party

The second category, “Global Creator”, was won by the Spaniards Martinez Twins, who thanked first themselves, then their family and finally the people who followed them from the first single.

Following this, the musical number continued by Mexican singer Danna Paola, who performed her latest single “Mía”, as well as her hit “Calla tú” alongside eight dancers dressed in sportswear with phosphorescent colors.

Kali Uchis and Kenya followed with the driving by talking about what it means to party today, while the cast of Acapulco Shore showed that the party never ends.

Immediately afterwards, reggaeton player Justin Quiles sang the songs “PAM”, “Jeans” and “Loco”.

Madrid’s C. Tangana made the MIAW the first stage in Mexico to present live his acclaimed album El Madrileño (Photo MTV Latin America)

C. Tangana stole the stage at the MIAW 2021

One of the most anticipated performances of the night was that of the Spaniard C. Tangana, who together with Carin Leon and Adriel Favela, presented live his acclaimed album “El Madrileño” with the song “CAMBIA!”.

Then, along with Ed Maverick, he sang “Stand Me Face”, in the middle of a dramatic and desert stage.

Influencers Pepe and Teo presented the “Miaw Transforma” recognition to Jessica Marjane, a lawyer and trans activist who works for the visibility and rights of the LGBTQ community.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by #PremiosMTVMIAW (@mtvmiaw)

The most anticipated pink cats…

For the most coveted award, “Miaw Icon,” digital stars Kimberly Loaiza, Kunno, Kenya Os, Domelipa, Jashlem, Jimena Jimenez, Brianda Deyanara and Rod Contreras faced off. The winner was Kenya Os.

“I want to thank my fandom, team and family for always supporting me in my dreams and goals and more than an icon is a symbol of strength with my fandom,” said the awardee.

Outside the ceremony, the most anticipated recognition, “Miaw Artist”, was presented, in which Bad Bunny, C. Tangana, Danna Paola, J Balvin, Karol G, Maluma, Rauw Alejandro and Natti Natasha faced off. Bad Bunny took the most important pink cat of the night.

Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro who currently has the #1 album and song on Spotify Mexico, put together the Latin party with the song “Todo de ti” (Photo MTV Latin America)

The person in charge of closing the ceremony was the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro, who sang the song “Todo de ti” dressed in a mustard-colored suit and without a shirt, with glasses and necklaces. He raised the temperature of the ceremony to the maximum.

Full list of winners:

MIAW ICON: The biggest digital stars of the year. Kenya

CREATOR OF THE YEAR: Top content creators. Kimberly Loaiza

GLOBAL CREATOR: The top content creators internationally Martinez Twins

STORIADOR MIAW: The most outstanding creators in Stories and Reels of Instagram Elan

FAV NEW SCHOOL: The new creators we all love. Mau Lopez

VIRAL BOMBSHELL: Videos and viral phenomena The Reunion of RBD

IT’S VERY CRINGE: Nasty Episodes and Fails The Gucci Boy

VIRAL PHILOSOPHER: Creators of famous and favorite phrases that we all use. Cardi B

COREO CRACK: Influencers with the best dances of viral songs iamferv

LIPSYNC MASTER: The best content creators focused on dubbing JD Pantoja

TEAM OF THE YEAR: Teams of Creators Privé (Darian Rojas, Jashlem, Libardo Isaza, Orson Padilla, Naim Darrechi, Ralf )

FANDOM: Legions of fans from all over the continent BTS ARMY

CELEBRITY CRUSH: The sexiest Macarena Achaga

COUPLE ON FIRE: The hottest couples Street & Poché

STREAMER OF THE YEAR: We don’t stop watching your Auronplay streams

GAMER OBSESSION: The best video game titles of the year Free Fire

KILLER SERIES: The series we all saw in the wandavison year

REALITY OF THE YEAR: The most watched and commented reality Acapulco Shore

MASTER OF THE PODCAST: The podcast that reigned Radio Divaza

ALL-TERRAIN COMEDY: The best comedy on any platform Mario Aguilar

BUG OF THE YEAR: Empowered in your face Jimena Jimenez





VIRAL ARTIST / VIRAL ANTHEM “Couple of the Year” – Sebastian Yatra, Myke Towers


VIDEO OF THE YEAR “Last Night” – Bad Bunny x Rosalía

HIT OF THE YEAR “Bottle after bottle” – Gera MX, Christian Nodal

GLOBAL HIT OF THE YEAR “Golden” – Harry Styles

MUSIC-SHIP OF THE YEAR “Baila Conmigo” – Selena Gomez, Rauw Alejandro


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