Kerr urges Banchero to rebuild the dream team

When Team USA announced their challenge to the Barcelona Olympics 31 years ago, basketball fans felt like they had touched heaven. The team that is destined to go down in history with the evocative nickname “Dream Team” he would take one bite out of all opponents and also take basketball to a level never seen before even and above all beyond a five-round review.

The World Cup doesn’t have the same charm as the Olympic tournament, but this time the US team decided to change their habits, launching a fairly young and inexperienced team into the high tiers who, apart from a good concentrate of talent, will have to face a few more challenges than expected to try and break down the many rival formations present in the game. Philippines.

Steve Kerr wants to start over

However, Steve Kerr had no doubts about the choice of the 12-player squad. bring to Asia: maybe there will be no first-class stars, but the coach golden state (who inherited the bench from Gregg Popovich, and which will use collaboration Eric Spoelstra and and Tyrone Luke) well thought it was the right time to start build the USA team of the future.

The one that indicates reconfirmation at the top step a paris 2024, after (slightly injured) success Tokyo 2020. One that looks to the next generation of American basketball, perhaps like never before.

Low profile that inspires less fear

There must be a premise: seventh place won at the 2019 World Championships is a spot that is destined to remain so for who knows how long.

The US team must always fight for important positions, therefore for the field of medals and perhaps even silver can be considered as a temporary measure. But do it without bumps like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Devon Booker, Steph Curry or Jimmy Butler (just to name a few, but the list will be much longer) it’s not the same thing.

Anthony Edwards, leader

Of course, this version inspires a little less fear in opponents, with the exception of players who have demonstrated in abundance that they deserve trust and attention. Only Anthony Edwards can lead an expedition made in a solid reality in Minnesota, the No. 1 prospect selected by the Wolves in the 2020 draft.

Ingram, Haliburton, Brunson and Reeves

Then the focus will be Brand Ingram, a former player of the Lakers. today a prominent element in the Pelicans, and Tyrese Halliburton, who worked for the Pacers, where he studies to become an All-Star Game prospect and beyond.

Jalen Brunson, back from a big year with the Knicks, and Austin Reeves, a Lakers revelation who only saw their run stop in the Western Conference Finals against Denver (btw: Nikola Jokic took a summer vacation and won’t be competing in the World Championship, much to the relief of his opponents), two other notable arrows in Kerr’s bow.

People capable of offending any defense, yet called upon for the first time to prove themselves on a stage so different from the one to which they are accustomed.

Bancoro World Cup

Kerr didn’t turn down the season’s top quarterback, Jaren Jackson Jr. from memphis, and this is another signal that needs to be taken into account. Then come Walker Kessler of Utah and Bobby Portis of Milwaukee. to provide strength under the basket.

What if Josh Hart (Brooklyn Nets) will have freedom of movement on both sides of the field, he will definitely have to keep an eye on what happens in the defensive half good Paolo Banquero, first choice in project 2022, who always said he wanted to go to the World Cup, but until a few months ago he thought he would do it in an Italy jersey.

That marriage, which seemed to have already been concluded and was just waiting for the moment to be properly celebrated, turned out to be only illusory: if Covid had not interfered, it would have already been eaten in the fall of 2020, when Banker was about to answer CT’s call Meo Sacchetti for qualifying matches Euro 2021 be challenged Tallinn.

The call of the duke and Italy was close to him

Due to contact with a family member who had a slight fever, the Magic player (today) was forced to cancel the trip, as required by the protocol of the time, and it has not been possible to arrange another call since. But then Duke was called first, and then Orlando in the 2022 draft. and subsequently a good NBA rookie season (complete with the Rookie of the Year award), which led Paolo ignited the spark that convinced him to agree to join the US team, not Italy.

Banker he raised the bar, he feels like a little NBA star unlike what he might have thought of becoming in 2020, and then Italy seemed to go too “tight”, preferring to take on Kerr’s challenge.

It’s hard to say how much space he can carve out for himself in the World Cup: with Pozzecco he would be a regular starter. and an absolute prima donna, here she will have to elbow her. But maybe the whole US team will have to fight their way against opponents who are ready to sell dearly, from Spain From Scariolo (who never makes mistakes on big dates) alla France From Gobert, Batum AND Fournier in addition to Slovenia From Doncic and to Greece From Antetokounbo (if he can recover from his knee surgery).

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