Kevin Costner, Hugh Jackman and other stars share wonderful memories of working with Harry Potter actor Michael Gambon over the years

Last week the acting world lost a true icon as the incomparable Sir Michael Gambon has died at the age of 82 years after suffering from pneumonia. Gambon is perhaps most recognized for his fan-favorite role as Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter franchise. However, in addition to his role as a powerful and amiable wizard, he played many other roles and accumulated quite a number of works. In the process, he also teamed up with many Hollywood heavyweights, including Kevin Costner And Hugh Jackmanwho shared memories of working with him over the years.

Kevin Costner had the pleasure of collaborating with Michael Gambon in the 2003 Western. Open rangewhich he led. Yellowstone The star took to her Instagram Stories to honor her co-star, sharing a still of Gambon from the film. Costner also revealed that he had the opportunity to direct the actor. You can see his social media post below.

Kevin Costner Instagram Story

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In this film, the Irish-British performer played a despicable rancher who rules a small Montana town with an iron fist. This was certainly a major departure from his role as the cheerful headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yet again, Othello The star was something of a chameleon as he seemingly had no problem jumping into a variety of roles. Hugh Jackman appears to be one of many who have been impressed by his work, as evidenced by his own Instagram post. Jackman also recalled working with him on a short film. Standing room onlydirected by Deborra-Lee Furness – his wife, from whom he had just separated:

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After his death, Michael Gambon also received sweets tribute from him Harry Potter co-stars, who noted his talent and humorous presence on set. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Jason Isaacs were among those to pay their respects. Another notable icon from the Wizarding World franchise to look out for was Emma Watson. Hermione Granger’s favorite actress shared a shot of Gambon as Dumbledore and wrote a message about how he approaches his work:

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Another person who was lucky enough to work with the star during his career was Marvel and The task is impossible star Hayley Atwell. She worked with the famous stage and film actor on the 2008 drama. Return to Brideshead. Atwell also posted on Instagram, sharing a still from the film and some sweet sentiments:

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It’s been wonderful to see the outpouring of love for Michael Gambon, and his fellow actors aren’t the only ones celebrating his life. Quantity Universal Studios Orlando fans marked his passing with love raising his wands in front of a replica of Hogwarts in the park. This moment was supposed to be reminiscent of a scene from Harry Potter and Half Blood Princein which the school’s residents paid tribute to Dumbledore after his own death.

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