Kevin Costner: Saved by his second wife


The American actor is at the top thanks to his wife Christine Baumgartner.

Kevin first met Christine Baumgartner, a top German originator, in 1994, after just divorcing. The blonde, nineteen years younger, talks to him on the golf green, but nothing more. Six years later, she meets him again in a restaurant. “I offered to come to visit me on a shoot two weeks later. Since then, she has never returned home ”, tells the actor to Gala in 2016. Well almost … Because the young woman is playing card on the table: she wants children and gets married. Kevin doesn’t want to hear about marriage anymore.

In 2001, however, he organized a surprise ceremony in a chapel in Italy. A year later, Christine kicks him out because of alleged infidelity. In 2004, he finally told her yes. They have since had three children and Kevin’s career has restarted. “The confinement has made us even more in love, in solidarity and accomplices”, he has just confided to Gala. “I went crazy, I thought I was the center of the universe”.

Music, his other career

When Kevin confides in his second wife, Christine, that he loves music, she urges him to take back the guitar that he had dropped after adolescence. Very quickly, she understands that it is far from being a fad. Kevin forms the group Modern West which will be very successful in the United States with its typical American country rock. Kevin may not be a real Springsteen guitar hero but he has released four albums and even toured Europe several times. The quiet force.

Kevin has other ambitions than being the fantasy machine offered by his role as Bodyguard against Whitney Houston. He will fight tooth and nail for Dancing with Wolves to emerge, playing for Oliver Stone and Clint Eastwood. Success turns his head. The good straight guy in his boots is starting to talk badly to directors and technical crews on set and it’s not always better with journalists. “I went wild, I thought I was the center of the universe,” he admits in 2005 in an Interview.

Return of karma? He connects the ovens to the cinema. Waterworld, the most expensive film in history until Titanic and produced by Kevin, is a total wreck, and Postman, his second film as a director, is also a failure. In private, his couple breaks up. He will say that the pressure of fame and money destroyed him. He will precisely lose half of his fortune, nearly $ 80 million, in 1994 in the divorce that he tried to postpone for months. He who presented himself as the good father of a family falls from his pedestal. He cheated on his dear and tender. The divorce pronounced, the champion of the values ​​of loyalty and fidelity will continue to chain the conquests. The names of Elle Macpherson and Naomi Campbell are whispered. Journalist Bridget Rooney even accuses him of being the father of Liam, a little boy she gave birth to in November 1996. The actor fiercely denies it, but two months later a blood test confirms his paternity. He will assume it.

The crossing of the desert will last a good fifteen years. His lifeline is a woman. Her name is Christine Baumgartner, and by dint of patience, she will succeed in marrying him and above all, in bringing him back to earth. Kevin learns modesty again while focusing again on the essentials: family and nature. He now divides his time between his house in Santa Barbara, far from Hollywood and its parties that he no longer attends, and his ranch in Aspen, Colorado, surrounded by 67 hectares of land. “I am not a man of the cities”, he explains to Paris Match in 2017. ” I can stay twelve hours a day on my tractor to turn the earth.”

This is where he can indulge his passions, fishing, soccer with his three youngest children, Cayden, 13, Hayes, 11, and Grace, 10, and also, music. Since the success of the Hatfields & McCoys miniseries in which he plays one of the main roles and which earned him a golden globe in 2013, Kevin is no longer considered an outcast. But he chooses his films sparingly. Yellowstone, the series in which he has been playing for three seasons, is a hit and he is paid $ 500,000 per episode. But soon to be 66 years old, the one who has never hidden hating the Hollywood star-system is not likely to flare up, nor to take back the big head. “I have never followed fashions and I will never follow them”, he asserts. Isn’t a cowboy, in essence, freedom-loving?

An ecological patriot

With his traditional values ​​and his strong sense of patriotism, he could pass for a conservative Republican. False. If he played golf with Bush Sr. and admires Vietnam veterans, he’s leaning towards Democrats. He supported Obama in 2008, less in 2012, “disappointed by his broken promises, and by the weight of finance on his mandate” ( Les Inrocks, 2013).

During the Democratic primaries in 2020, he signed up for Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay White House candidate, before supporting Biden. Less demonstrative than George Clooney or Sean Penn, he has yet invested millions in a project to clean the water after an oil spill.

40 years of career and still sexy 

Some actors get better with age, but few have the sex appeal of their debut. Johnny Depp doesn’t look like much anymore, and George Clooney, who rose to fame in his thirties like Costner, is getting a bit old. Kevin seems not to move. His green gaze is the same, impenetrable. And on the physical side, he certainly no longer goes topless on screen, but he has kept his athletic figure, his presence, and the charm that made his fans’ heads spin in the 90s. “I try to have it. a physique that is maintained, he confided in Paris Match in 2016. I would hate that people who meet us, Christine (his wife in her forties, editor’s note), and I say I’m a crumbling old man. It’s vanity, but I accept it. ” And we appreciate …