Kevin Durant counts LeBron James as a ‘source of inspiration’ – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

PHOENIX – Even though they’ve faced each other multiple times at the highest level, Kevin Durant respects LeBron James as much as any other player in the league.The Phoenix Suns star ETC’s Podcast Talk about how inspiring it is to see LeBron remain one of the NBA’s greatest players two decades after his debut.

“He still has that youthful energy. “It’s everywhere,” Durant said. “He’s running the offense on the damn first line. It’s like he wants to eat someone else. Seeing it is a source of inspiration. Seeing his personality as a competitor made me think, ‘Fuck, I want to do that, too. ‘”

Durant continued to emphasize LeBron’s longevity, a month and a half away from his 21st season as an NBA pro. “He looks like he’s only 20 years old. But he’s 38 and has been through a lot. You know, off the field as well, or just as a human being. He has a lot of responsibilities. A family. And he still loves the game. .Moved on and played 40 minutes, back to back etc. “It’s like, oh, man, my respect.”

LeBron and Durant have won a total of 6 NBA championships, 6 Finals MVPs and 5 season MVP awards, making them the best players in the 21st century and in history. A rich resume allows them to express mutual respect. In fact, LeBron himself mentioned Durant when asked who could surpass him on the NBA scoring list.

The last time the two played together was on Christmas Day 2018, when Durant was still playing for the Warriors.he ‘head to head’ LeBron (20-15) especially benefited, even though his namesake took the cake in the playoffs (9-5). Now, the game scheduled for October 26 between the Suns and Lakers marks the first meeting between the two in five years.

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