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Kevin Smith was funny about Batman’s sex life: “He’s good at everything.”

Last week, the creators of the animated series Harley Quinn revealed that they were planning to include an oral sex scene with Batman and Catwoman in the third season. However, representatives of DC and Warner Bros., despite the age restriction of the show, considered it unacceptable and asked for a cut, citing the fact that such an episode would have a negative impact on sales of the Dark Knight figures.

This news caused a violent reaction from netizens. Famous filmmakers also joined the discussion: Zack Snyder, for example, posted art on his Twitter page, which depicts heroes having sex, and wrote “Canon”. The other day, Kevin Smith took the side of the authors of the animated series. He spoke out on the racy topic while recording the latest Fatman Beyond LIVE podcast.

It would be consistent with the character: he is good at everything … He learned everything! He has traveled all over the world! Are you saying he left this off his to-do list? During his wanderings, he met a master slimer … And he returned home as a wiser man, Smith noted.

Then the filmmaker stressed that, in his opinion, only villains can refuse oral sex, because “they do not have time for this.” And Batman, according to him, will do this above all else, which will take a long time, since he is a “multi-layered character.”

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