Kevin Spacey launches sexual assault lawsuit

Just let a few years pass and everything will disappear. But not always and not completely.

actor of House of cards He already pleaded innocence (but in the meantime the making of the series of records has sought $30 million in damages for damaging his image): these are the 12 allegations made by four men, one of There is also that of sexual harassment (with facts dating to the period 2001 to 2013). The arrival at Southwark Crown Court in London is a PR masterpiece: Big smiles, greeting people in attendance, very impressive use of the taxi in the blue suits.

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But the chairman of the court, Mark Wall, warned the fourteen representatives of the popular jury to shun character from the man they invited to stay away from the media.

The two-time Academy Award winner, who previously directed the Old Vic theater in London, also has British citizenship and a home in the city, as well as living in the United States, where he was acquitted in an earlier trial. I went. (ended last October) in which actor Anthony Rapp accused her of making advances at the age of fourteen.

Now it’s time for the first English Dialogue hearing (second session is scheduled for June 30). The prosecution is represented by prosecutors Christine Agnew and Shauna Richie, with the defense being represented by Patrick Gibbs, the actor, who continues to claim innocence. For about a month, the evidence collected will be presented to the Crown Prosecutor’s Office, even though the alleged victims remain anonymous.

So let’s find out about the events that led to the star American Beauty Disappearing from view (so it was). digitally replaced by Ridley Scott in the film all the money in the world with Christopher Plummer) to appear in court instead. Five years have passed since in 2017, in response to the first allegations, Kevin Spacey released a statement declaring himself gay.

Public declaration of one’s sexual orientation has angered many, as there is an immediate link between being gay and becoming a pedophile, the terms inadvertently causing a stir among conservatives.

The facts told by Rapp are from 1986, when he worked with Spacey on Broadway. Yes, the Oscar winner admitted attraction to the young co-worker during testimony but categorically denied any solicitation, violence or advances towards her. He was acquitted but this was not the only case: two other complaints were filed in July. Charges were dropped on an 18-year-old boy and a massage therapist who died before sexual assault allegations could reach court.

Kevin Spacey is now facing charges in Londonbut the shadow of return some deaths that would be related to his past, In 2017 Ari Behn, a Norwegian Nobel Prize-winning author and the king’s son-in-law, denounced him for the harassment, but then took his own life. In addition, Linda Culkin, the first person to accuse him of sexually assaulting minors last February, was found crushed to death. The woman was earlier convicted of threatening the actor and was jailed in 2012.

The direction of many lives has changed. All that’s left now is to wait for the English verdict, which may be the last judicial chapter but will certainly bring closure to the actor’s career (and change his fortunes forever).

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