Key Flock could be released from prison in March

The rapper’s legal team, Key Flock, said they have evidence in hand to prove his innocence. Key Flock is currently serving time for murder…

Before his arrest,
Key Flock, was going to make it in Rap. You had collaborated with names such as
Lil Tjay And
Fivio Foreign in “Not In The Mood” and also released two solo videos, “Is Ya Ready” and “PSA”, which have garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Who is Key Flock…

The biggest moment of his career, perhaps, came in April 2022 when
Cardi B joined her song “Shake It” alongside Dougie B and Bory300, which peaked at number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But the Bronx native rapper ended up in the midst of a series of legal troubles that left him sent to prison in December 2021.

KeyFloc was arrested two years ago on murder charges. The rapper allegedly killed a man,
Oscar Hernandez, outside a barbershop in Harlem. According to the records, the rapper was walking down the street when he saw Hernandez sitting outside the store. They would have had a falling out, then the heated discussion ended with some shots being fired. Sadly, Hernandez was shot in the neck and died shortly thereafter.

A video could free the rapper…

Obviously the only suspect was the rapper, who in the footage of the surveillance camera moved away from the crime scene. But lately his lawyer,
Scott Leemon, revealed that it would not be his client who pulled the trigger. Flock’s legal team therefore decided to conduct an independent investigation. According to the legal team, there would be some new footage showing a different angle of the crime and, according to what reported by TMZ, the rapper would be innocent. Flock sparked even more hope for his release when he shared a call from prison with fans on tik tok revealing he was released in March 2023.

Several allegations of involvement

Despite the good news and the rapper’s positivity, his legal situation remains very tense. According to press reports, in fact, Kay Flock and five other individuals are accused of having organized the gang, whose main objective was to commit robberies, acts of violence and financial fraud in the Belmont area, in the
Bronx. If these allegations turn out to be true, the rapper could be released from prison for the attempted murder but not for his involvement with the gang.

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