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method summer is over What followed was the famous Back to School. After months of recuperating and enjoying a long-awaited vacation, the children returned to the classroom.This year, the first to do so will be Students of Catalonia, Classes will begin on September 6.In other communities they do this within a few days September 7th, 8th and 11th. Although there are still nearly two weeks before the start of classes, many parents have already returned with a full load. Organize children to return to the classroom.

And purchasing the required school supplies has become the most troublesome problem for parents returning from vacation.According to a study Financial Application Terminology, Average spending per child back to school rises this year 794 euros, About 100 euros more than in 2022. This year books became a product that required more investment.

Research shows that Spanish parents spend an average of 184 euros per child on books.In addition, these costs must be added to costs related to clothing and school supplies, which are approximately 125 euros and 94 euros respectively. Families going back to school will face more difficulty this year, research data show. specific, 62% think this year will have bigger problems than other years. 28% are not even sure they will make it through the end of the month, and only 10% say they have the foresight to go back to school without major issues.

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Along these lines, research shows how a large proportion of Spanish families are forced to resort to some kind of financing Cover the costs associated with your child’s return to school. Specifically, 36% of respondents claimed to split payments.

Over the years, the slope of January Chrismas holiday This has been one of the biggest concerns of the Spaniards. However, with the passage of time, facing the return to school in September has already become a big fear for our parents.According to OCU, spending per child could reach 500 euros, About.However, when other fees are added, such as registration fees, tuition, extracurricular fees, canteen fees, or AMPA fees, the cost per child Probably more than 2,000 euros.

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In this sense, as is customary in these circumstances, OCU has prepared a list of six key recommendations to help students return to school in the best possible way and to able to save Earn as much money as possible with these tips. Odds are, details like good organization, being proactive, or reviewing the materials in your home can be the key to saving money on these purchases.

First and foremost, OCU advises fathers and mothers in our country to be proactive.a good and correct organization It always bears good fruit. That’s exactly why they recommend making a list with things you already have around the house. Starting a new course doesn’t mean you have to update all your materials. Therefore, it is necessary to know which things from last year can be used and which things must be bought new.

2. Organization recommendation pre order most likely. Many parents extend summer vacation until the end of August and don’t start shopping until early September or even the first day of school. According to OCU, this was a bug.Those households who make such purchases in August will be able to take advantage of a range of offers discounts and offers Clothes and school supplies you won’t have in September.

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As in previous years, Espanyol will allocate more funds in the book Better than any other back to school product. In this sense, OCU proposes to refer to the Free Books Program based on the loan system offered by the borough through schools.If parents take advantage of these programs they don’t have to pay They will spend on books.

As a fourth recommendation, the OCU recommends cooperate As a key factor in back-to-school savings. Passing books and clothes between family members and even friends of different ages has always been a back-to-school consideration. In this sense, the organization believes that there are many initiatives that favor the exchange of second-hand clothes, books and school supplies between parents and associations.

As with all courses, part of the funds will be used to purchase recommended reading for children.To save on these acquisition costs, OCU recommends that they borrowed From the library or ask if AMPA manages old books from the previous year.

Finally, OCU offers some great advice when buying: Do these things without the kids in front. As the group says, the little ones may be going to the store they become infatuated Items featuring their favorite characters. These items are usually more expensive. So it’s best not to have them in front of you when you’re back to school shopping.

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