Keysa – Nobody Like You ft. Leon Lacey. Extraordinary Calabria sounds like this

From the happy pen of Edoardo Maruki

“When you read about ‘Extraordinary’ Calabria, you often hit Ndui’s plate, more or less clear seas, and the inevitable ‘we could do more’.

Then something extraordinary happens that you least expect; attempts to revive health care are destroyed, university pillars, bergamot sold abroad, some scientist who has proven himself in the world.

Unexpected Calabria, on the contrary, jumps out suddenly and seems to rebuke that unjustified xenophilia characteristic of those who seem to be not too attentive to the changes of recent years.

Okay, I removed that, but those who know the regional artistic and literary fabric know that some perfection will not distract us from the atavistic creative stupor. And yet something is moving.
The song I’m telling you about seems to have been played at a Shoreditch club or heard on Spotify in the corner of international offerings.

This time, Paolo Scarpino let me down. I didn’t immediately recognize his “signature” despite the fact that he was the only Calabrian able to play “bucarello” like Gretch’s drums.

Paolo has a secret, I’ve figured it out over the years. This is the real plugin.

He treats the songs that pass through his hands with painstaking care.

Listen to “Nobody Like You” and think we know how to do it. Here more than anywhere else. The sound is remotely retro, better to understand / a little more than Kelly Rowland, a little less than Alliance Ethnik /. Of course, this is not a comparison with Keisa, a very young and promising performer, but I am delighted and want to write something positive.

The highlight of “Nobody Like You” is Leon Lacey in the title role.

Just to clarify, someone who wrote 20 songs and conducted an all-female orchestra for Beyoncé at her recent Dubai concert.

It feels like listening to a song out of season, away from the fashion of the moment and from the ever-present good mood.
Many people took part in this production.

All names are in the tube ;-)”.

Here’s a video

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