Khloe Kardashian and the boundaries she puts on her ex to avoid holding back vanity fair italy

Tristan remains the father of her two children and Khloe has to date him, This time, he’s determined to put boundaries in order to avoid repeating them. And wants to put to rest some dubious reconciliation rumors quickly discussed on the web.

brand founder good american, Believing the mom-owner (and the cameras that have followed her for years), she said: “Tristan and I have always been together. We are good friends and I will put everything aside for the sake of my kids. What happened happened, why be angry? I don’t feel the need to punish him because I have no intention of getting back together with him.”

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Then he added: «If I’m not here, she is and I prefer the kids to be with her rather than with a nanny but there are limits. This time I have a firm grip on many aspects, if the children are not with us, we will not sit here comfortably together.

These limits are important because we’ve done this rigging several times already. I got back with her after cheating and I don’t know if she got the feeling that “oh well, let’s just go with it…she’ll get back with me sooner or later”. I can understand why you feel that way and it is my duty to enforce the rules and demonstrate that my actions are saying otherwise.”

He goes into more detail and concludes: It’s too easy to fall back into “let’s go see a game or a movie together or this or that”. I can’t let those old habits creep back into my life.”


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