Khloe Kardashian debuted her new face and the networks take it with her


When you have 111 million followers on Instagram, it is quite likely that anything you upload to the network, irrelevant that is, to cause quite a stir. But the latest photos you’ve posted Khloé Kardashianin which shows an aspect radically newhave raced like wildfire among the users of the networks, which are struggling between if the influencer has thrown retouching or image retouching via scalpel.

Although, of course, his fans most ardent praised the styling and the makeup of Khloé, the other on Twitter focused on the fact that the face of the Kardashian -including jaw, eyes, and chin – he looked completely different to the usual.

Several users even connected in a playful tone your new look Jaqen H ghar and the Men without a Face, the murderers are capable of changing face at ‘Game of thrones’.

But in general, as tends to happen in these cases, the images of the star of reality led to the the usual waterfall of memes that we love.

This is not the first time that a member of the family Kardashian Jenner has been caught editing their photos on social networks. In April, Kylie Jenner published a few photos, doing a bad use of Photoshop that will certainly not passed unnoticed.