Khloe Kardashian is throwing an astronaut themed maxi party in honor of her son Tatum’s first year.

Khloe Kardashian threw a big party for her second son, Tatum, who is one year old. Selected topic? Space world and astronauts.

The Kardashian sisters know how to have fun, and they showed it at every important event, from the presentation of their new collections to parties organized for friends and loved ones. Now that almost all of them have families, they are trying to pass on this unusual passion to their children, just think that on the occasion of the birthday they arrange spectacular and memorable events, naturally “child-proof”. What’s special is that they choose a different theme each time, from a Chicago-themed Hello Kitty party to a firefighter-inspired theme for Psalm.

From custom helmets to spaceship cake

Now it’s time for Tatum, Khloe Kardashian’s second child, born by surrogate on July 28, 2022. He had just turned 1 and his mother couldn’t help but throw him a spectacular party like the one his little cousins ​​threw.

Organizing Tatum's Party

Organizing Tatum’s Party

He organized everything in the huge courtyard of his house, choosing another “unprecedented” topic, namely the world of space. Every detail of the location is adorned with astronaut-inspired accessories and design, from space suits and rocket-shaped treats to toy nitrogen tanks placed behind chairs, to take-home helmets and a huge cake depicting a spaceship landing on the moon. .

True, the daughter of Khloe Kardashian has a personalized designer bag worth more than 1300 euros.

Party in the style of astronauts

Party in the style of astronauts

Chloe’s outfit for son’s party

“I needed your sweet and precious smile. I needed your angelic spirit. I needed the love that only you could give me. first birthday. Naturally, she took care of her party look to the smallest detail, dressed in all white or coordinated with the space environment.

Party for Tatum

Party for Tatum

She showed off a pin-up dress with a knee-length flared skirt and a lace-up plunging bustier, paired with a pair of matching mule sandals. She followed the children as they went about their business, made a toast, and allowed the sisters to immortalize herself: how many will be inspired by her idea of ​​children’s parties?

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