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Khloé Kardashian reveals strange symptom she had from COVID-19

The complication associated with the coronavirus that the member of the Kardashian clan declared is unusual, but there are studies that associate it with the level of stress it generates in the body.

With a pandemic that has already lasted for more than a year and a half and more than 219 million infections reported around the world, not a few celebrities have fallen ill from the coronavirus.

One of them was Khloé kardashian, who revealed in a conversation with fans on Twitter how he lived the COVID-19 picture he experienced in March last year and what his symptoms were.

Khloé, the third of the Kardashians, said that while she was going through the illness suffered with hair loss. “My hair really fell out with the COVID,” he said.

“After that it was really a battle,” she declared about the process in which she tried to regain her hair density.

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Hair loss is not on the list of symptoms related to COVID-19 that the WHO on their website. Nevertheless, could be considered as a possible side effect.

The People website includes a preliminary study that talks about 33 COVID-19 patients who recorded hair loss as an effect of the disease on their bodies.

“Hair loss occurs frequently with stress, and severe illnesses like COVID-19 can stress the body,” he says. People.

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