Khloë Terae slightly lowered her bra and raised her bikini thong while in the pool

The thread of her thong rose just as the model submerged, face down, and decided to share this image on her social networks

Khloë Terae is a Canadian-born model who enjoys life underwater whenever she gets the chance. There are many photographs that her fans can admire of her in and out of the sea, while she poses and is naked or with small bathroom pieces that she promotes through her social networks.

But Khloë doesn’t just share her physical beauty through the many photoshoots she uploads to Instagram. Her platform has also become an album of images that expose the most paradisiacal places in which she has been able to work.

From Greece to California, this sexy blonde from Canada has been walking her beauty, taking the breath away from everyone who sees and admires her. In her most recent publication on the network, Khloë Terae highlights being in Beverly Hills, California. Inside the pool, she wears a lemon green bikini.

This swimsuit “got” her into trouble because being in the water, not only did the straps of her bra come down, but her bikini thong was also lifted.


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