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Kick Ass Commandos – Get a free high-rated bloody retro shooter on Steam

Free distribution of the game Kick Ass Commandos has started on the IndieGala portal. There is no end date for the promotion, but it’s better to hurry. The game is a retro top-down shooter in the spirit of 90s action games.

The gameplay of the game is extremely simple and straightforward. Playing as a cool commando, you must destroy all enemies in your path and sometimes rescue captured soldiers. The game has a lot of explosions, action, blood, and dismemberment. Also, the hero has a huge arsenal of weapons in his hands, and he is opposed by a variety of enemies, from ordinary soldiers to tanks.

It is worth noting that the game has a lot of positive reviews on Steam, which can be found on the game page. In addition, if you want to purchase a game on Steam, now there is a 50% discount on it, and the cost of Kick-Ass Commandos is 124 rubles.

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